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Monday, June 11, 2012

Heavy duty truck camper 'pivots' up for headroom

XPCamper LLC, a tiny, made-to-order truck camper builder out of Grass Valley, Calif., has built itself a niche market with its self-described "exploration pop-up camper designed for the overland adventurer." It's not a standard truck bed model. Instead, XPs' mount on a flatbed, and to save fuel the unit roof pops up at push button command.

Utilizing superhero-like composite construction techniques make the XP perfect for bouncing around in the back country without fear of shaking the unit apart. When in the expanded position, that once-low-level rig allows over seven feet of headroom.

About a year ago there was plenty of scuttlebutt on the Internet about a new XPCamper, version 2. The company released a few tantalizing images on their Facebook page, but things have been a bit quiet since then. Well, things change.

Now the company tells trade journal, RV Business,  it has the next version prototyped. XPCamper XP V2 once again rides on a flatbed, and indeed, like the predecessor "pops up." But the popping up doesn't go straight up, but rather pivots up on ball bearings, bringing the rear of the camper up above the front edge.

Version 2 comes with diesel stove, 12-volt refrigerator, solar electric, and a diesel stove. Find that in a "normal" truck camper and we'll take a bite out of our sombrero. If you've got a yen for one of these, you'll need to put down your deposit and wait for up to five months. Suggested retail, $33,000 for the 800 pound unit.

(Updated 6/18/2012 reflecting correction on solar electric availability)