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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New hard sided pop up truck camper fit for Dora the Exlora

If Dora and her sidekick monkey, Boots, ever do an episode involving an RV, the new XP Camper may be cast in the rolling lead role. XP is a unique, hard sided pop up camper, manufactured to individual order by a San Francisco firm headed up by an RVer named Marc Wassman.

In what sounds to be a terrifically sturdy build, the company says they build the exterior of their adventurous camper from a "molded composite-over-form core wrapped with hand laid unidirectional fiberglass reinforced with carbon fiber and Kevlar." Should any of Dora's foes take after her with a AK-47, sounds like the bullets ought to just bounce off the rig.

What's with the almost mililtaristic design? Wassman says he was a truck camper enthusiast, discouraged by the evident flimsy design of typical truck campers. Disgruntled by rigs that broke and parts that fell off every time he left the main road, Wassman set out to design a new concept of a sturdy vehicle that users could really use--not have to fix--when out in the sticks.

RVers can buy the shell, or a turnkey complete rig, or pretty near anywhere in between. The price starts at $23,500 for a shell, and top out with a completed rig with many bells, whistles, and diesel fired appliances for $75,000. Diesel fired cooktop? Surely Dora would opt to burn bio-diesel for fixing up her frijoles. There are a few catches to be aware of: No standard pickups allowed: Only a flatbed pickup will do. And once you put in your order, be ready to wait a few months for delivery. Check out the full package on the XP website.

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