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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Newbie Corner: What's an RV Wet Bath?

This isn't a question that comes up too often in the "other" RV sections, but for those looking at buying a truck camper, the question of, "What's a wet bath," comes up pretty often. "After all, I figure when I'm gonna take a shower I'll get wet, right?"

Our first "big" truck camper--our first tc with a bathroom, had a wet bath. A wet bath is a bathroom where the shower, the toilet, and (if there is one) the sink, all share the same space. In our old Okanogan (long time an orphan) camper the wet bath had a one piece "floor pan." The toilet perched up atop the black water holding tank, and the shower shared the same fiberglass floor, with the shower water running into its own built in gray water tank.

A wet bath is typically an innovation to save space. Mind you, 'sitting on the pot' with your feet propped up on the edge of the shower stall could lead to some interesting entanglements in the middle of the night. Our present Fleetwood camper is a "dry bath," rig, separate toilet, walk-in shower stall, and sink. I'm not so sure if the matter is all that much of an improvement--to really be comfortable with those long, pondering sessions on the throne, the best way is to pop the door open out into the dinette area, giving you a wee bit of leg room. Not real skookum when the company comes for a visit!

To digress just a moment: Our Okanogan with the wet bath was a battle-scarred veteran when we first got it. Little did we realize just how scarred it was, until the middle of one night on the desert when we were blasted from our sleep by a loud "CRACK!" Driven from bed by the fairer sex, your host opened the bathroom door to find the wet bath "pan" dropped below the normal floor level by a few inches.

Reporting my findings back to the wife, she queried, "What do we do now?" What to do? "Get up and figure out how to fix it in the morning," was my bold reply. And with that I rolled over, shut off the reading light, and went back to sleep. She, like all good tc women, lay awake all night stewing about it.

photo courtesy east end campers


  1. I owned a 30" Fleetwood TT once in that if you dropped the soap in that little shower and reached down to pick it up. Your behind would hit the wall and thus catapult you threw the curtain into the foyer legs moving hitting the floor runnin'. Now you mentioned talk about company and their reaction !!! Transversely, I saw a wet bath in a pop-up TT once that had a common pan floor shower area with at least twice the shower space, admittedly you would have to wipe down the throne area after a shower. A very small price for elbow & tush room in the shower my opinion.

  2. Our 2000 Kiwi camper had a wet bath. I liked it because it was so much more convenient than the campground facilities especially at night After two years, we decided to get a bigger hardsided 5er. This allowed me to stand in the shower. In the Kiwi the higher bath floor didn't leave headroom for me to shower standing. I also didn't like the fact that to keep the TP dry it had to be stored outside the bath.