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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello Dolly! Roll That Camper Around

On an RV forum several truck camper owners brought up problems they'd been facing with their rigs. One said his landlord wouldn't permit him to "off load" the camper and leave it parked in the parking lot--it had to be on wheels with no jacks down. Another couldn't get his camper into his rented storage unit and off the truck--probably not enough clearance up above. What's to do?

Several enterprising TC owners came to the rescue. Think in terms of a truck camper "dolly," a small, wheeled platform that allows the camper to be pushed around in small areas, with less "head room" required. For the guy with the pesky landlord, he could simply offload the camper from the pickup, slide the dolly underneath, then put the whole rig in his parking spot. For the guy with limited headroom, a similar answer.

What to use as a "dolly"? One possibility is a 4,000 pound capacity "utility wagon," from Northern Tool + Equipment. At about $500, you'd then need to add your own platform materials, but the wagon comes with frame and tires. Click here for more information. Other truck camper owners have built their own dolly systems, much like this one. In any event, be sure to take the width of your rig and its jack system into account to ensure you can get the completed dolly under the rig.

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  1. I've seen "something like" this used to convert a truck camper into a pull-type trailer that could be pulled behind another vehicle.